Tai Chi & Horses Retreat


Horse’s natural rhythm is slower than ours. Tai chi focuses on balanced, slow movements and connects the energy of horse and human, ultimately uniting them to move as one. 


The Retreat

In order to create harmony yin and yang need to balance each other.

  Tai Chi is the ancient Chinese yin yang theory that was developed by the old Chinese masters through observation of nature in all its shapes, rhythms and occurrences.

They concluded that the underlying principle of all form and movement was embodied by the strife and balance between opposing yet interdependent and inseparable forces contending in everlasting mutual change. Opposite forces were indicated as yin and yang. In order to create harmony yin and yang need to balance each other.


Understanding energy and energy field


Because of the soft, yielding and volatile nature of energy it is important to understand how we should prepare our body and mind in order to create and transmit energy in a safe and productive manner. I will acquaint the student in each of the three workshops with four principles of internal and external mind-and-body shapes that enable us to stimulate and guide energy flow. This flow can deeply influence the communication between human and horse.


What is Taijiquan

Martial artists enhanced their art by applying the yin yang principles of hard and soft to their skills. They could mentally lead the multiple forces of earth-heaven into their bodies and were able to create energy waves inside and outside their body.

By cultivating the “Qi”, or energy, they developed extreme awareness in mind and body, becoming supremely fluid, balanced, strong and sensitive. Next to developing enhanced awareness the overall effect was great health and strength.

We will learn:

* Cultivate and transmit energy.

* Establish deep and direct communication between person and horse through Tai Chi energy basics.


*  Facilitate the cultivation and application of energy via mind and body exercises.  This will be done in individual, partner and in horse work. 

*  Exercises will include posture, movement, concentration and contact skills.


The overall Tai Chi principle of Y Qi Shen is: Mind moves energy, energy moves body. This principle must be maintained at all times as well as connection with earth and heaven must be maintained at all times

Tai Chi Principles

  • Posture
  • Relaxation
  • Energy balance
  • Concentrated mind

Tai Chi & Horses in action

Awakening energy by relaxation and slow mindful movement



When we follow the four principals of posture, relaxation, energy balance and mindset, we make use of the fact that earth has two vertical forces. These forces are: downward pulling gravity force and upward pushing radiation force.

Connect energy movement with body movement



We allow the upward pushing earth force to enter our body and travel upward from the feet to the crown by connecting to gravity (i.e., grounding) and at the same time opening all our joints.

Leading energy from inside to outside hand palms



We stand firm and relaxed on and in the earth with a strong earth penetrating intention giving ourselves to gravity, the pushing-earth-energy pushes from below out of the earth, penetrates our feet, travels up and through the insides of the body and through the joints and the central channel of the body, exits at the crown of the head and at the palms of the hands.

Sensing the energy of partner



Our energy field can be shaped and elongated or contracted in any which way desired over any distance in space. It also can be used to mix and communicate with the energy fields of other beings or objects, creating a two way resonance field which can be felt by both participants.

Energy exercises with horse



The harmonious mind-body-unity creates a strong, clear and healthy energy field flowing in, out and around the body, mixing with earth and heaven energies. This combining of forces of heaven and earth into our body is called the marriage between heaven and earth. It makes us feel happy and healthy again.

Connect energy with hand palms


Energetic abilities can be helpful to improve and deepen communication with horse and fellow human beings. Skillful and deep energy work enriches life and experience.

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Experience the combination of forces of heaven and earth in your body.  The marriage between heaven and earth makes us feel happy and healthy again.