Family Adventures

If you want your family to have an unforgettable experience, come to our exclusive Family Adventures!

 Fun experiential activities with horses for families who are looking to connect through positive and meaningful nature-based adventures.  

What insight would be possible for your family?

We will design the best suited Family Adventure for each family based on their goals, interests, desires, motivations and needs of the family. 

What you learn is important; however what you remember is priceless.

Working with horses creates a unique memory that causes the participants to remember the experience far longer than just another getaway. We empower each family individual through group exercises with a focus on individual qualities while having some extreme fun! 

Family Adventures

Family Connection

  Accomplishing a family task involving a horse, in spite of fears or limitations, creates confidence and provides metaphors for dealing with challenging situations in life. 

Family Communication

 Horses mirror exactly what your body, emotions, energy and thoughts are telling them. 

Family Learning

 Every experience includes an opportunity for each family member to discuss skills they've learned and how to transfer these skills to other areas of their family lives. 

Family Investment Choices

Book a unique, fun and educational experience with horses and prepare to be surprised!

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