Mindful Horsemanship

With Mindful Horsemanship we gain insight to horses . . . and to ourselves.

 Developing a heart connected relationship with your horse is a co-creative process that takes exploration and mindful presence. 

Developing a deeper, safer and mindful relationship with horses.

 Park City Horse Experience Mindful Horsemanship offers a new look into finding connection and harmony with horses. Our program provides the methodology to promote heart-based partnership and authentic personal power communication. 

Their responses, or responses to us, teach us about ourselves.

 When we understand a horse’s nature, its herd dynamics and energetic cues, we can develop a more aware approach with more curiosity and open mindedness. 

Mindful Horsemanship Program

Who would benefit?


Our lessons are designed for those who need that extra bit of confidence in their own horsemanship abilities, whether you are new to horses, getting restarted into horses, wanting to brush on riding skills or maybe have lost confidence or have some anxiety around them.

How we approach horsemanship?


Through mind body exploration activities with horses, we will build or rebuild confidence in a safe, relaxed and fun all women group environment.

Why horses respond the way the do?


During this program we look at the ‘why’ horses respond the way they do, giving you more understanding on ‘how’ to partner with them from a safe and trusting human-horse relationship and learn the ‘what’ horsemanship skills are necessary for a safe and mindful relationship.

Horse teach us about ourselves


As much as we need to be the teachers and leaders for our horses, the horses are equally leading and teaching us. Their responses, or responses to us, teach us about ourselves. Having a true connection with horses’ means developing the connection to ourselves, and in the process, our horse will shift by mirroring our actions. So, if you want your horse to be calm, you need to be calm; if you want your horse to be attentive, you need to be attentive; if you want your horse to be soft, you need to be soft.

What is my horse whispering to me?”


This experience is about building self-awareness through building a relationship with horses. As we ask the question: “What is my horse whispering to me?” we become more aware of how we are influencing the relationship, and develop a deeper felt connection of leadership and mindful purpose.

Mindful Horsemanship can help you with:

  • Becoming more grounded, centered, and self-aware,
  • Set appropriate boundaries,
  • Listen to your horse and understand the meaning of his actions,
  • Become an effective trusted leader,
  • Improve and develop a balance seat,
  • Develop “feel” to improve your relationship with horses,
  • Exploration of using our energy field/bubble and body language/posture in our communication with Horse,
  • Understanding how horses communicate with each other and how to apply the knowledge to create deeper relationships.

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