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About our Programs


We partner with horses for the exploration of self- awareness, connection to self & nature, and to gain new perspectives on life.

When connecting with horses, powerful metaphors arise. We begin to identify our present state of being, and are then able to develop what is needed to take new paths of action. Nature and horses can demonstrate to us how to move beyond our existing reality into a more expansive level of awareness and union with all.


What to Expect

Under the guidance of a highly experienced equine facilitated learning coach and with the assistance of the horse as a teacher, the Horse Experience session can become a compelling invitation to open up to new perspectives. 

Participants can expect to discover a refreshingly new relationship between horse and human, where the horse becomes a teacher and facilitator of connection to self and nature.


Why Horses?

Horses are large and magnificent animals. Accomplishing a task involving a horse, in spite of fears or limitations, creates confidence and provides metaphors for dealing with challenging situations in life. Horses mirror accurately what your body, emotions, energy , and thoughts are telling them. Their non-judgmental honesty makes them especially effective messengers. In addition, the horse's natural responsiveness to clear intention empowers you to live from a place of strength, no matter what your physical condition or life circumstances.

No previous horse experience is needed to participate in any of our Horse Experience programs. We adhere to safety guidelines which are reviewed with participants prior to each experience. In addition, we familiarize participants with the horse’s nature, and instruct them how to stay safe while connecting with the horses. Our goal is to provide an experience where safety, learning and connection are combined to optimize the experience for both human and horses.

About Alejandra Lara

From the mountains of Chile

 Alejandra is a native of the mountains of Chile, where her lifelong partnership with horses began. She brings ten years of experience in the equine based learning field in the United States combining an eclectic bag of tools from different horse inspired modalities.   

Alejandra's programs

She is founder and owner of Park City Horse Experience LLC, as well as founder and EAL Coordinator of the Equine Assisted Learning Program (EAL)  at the National Ability Center in Park City, Utah for the last 11 years.

Alejandra trains practitioners internationally and consults organizations that want to offer Equine Facilitated based programs.


Alejandra is a credentialed Therapeutic Riding Instructor and a Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning (ESMHL) from PATH International.

Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching Level One and Two through the Academy for Coaching with Horses. 

Award Winner of the 2018 Credentialed Practitioner of the Year through the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International.

In the News, Radio, Podcasts & TV

Equine Therapy With The Park City Horse Experience

Equine Therapy with Park City Horse Experience

 "When we are in the presence of a 1,500 pound animal, our whole mind and body and soul are very present and we are aware of our senses.Through that presence, with the right guidance and conversation, we can explore what patterns of behavior we might be having what our tendencies are when we approach a new situation." - Alejandra Lara 

Fox 13 News

Park City Horse Experience in Fox 13

 Fox 13 shares innovative local program that promotes  wellbeing to those seeking a naturalistic and/or alternative approach to being empowered, building connections, and cultivating self-awareness. Also, because your audience has a fondness and appreciation for nature, they will be drawn to the holistic experience of being outside surrounded by natural beauty and building a connection with a beautiful, majestic creature.

Horses Helping Warriors

 Equine Assisted Learning program,

Ginger Mercer came to the National Ability Center with PTSD and depression and social anxiety. But, through interaction with our horses in the Equine Assisted Learning program and Alejandra Lara, she feels lighter and has found purpose. 

Park City Magazine


  Local horse whisperer Alejandra Lara offers a mindful approach to interacting with horses, creating opportunities to explore greater self-awareness and discover a new perspective on life.

By Michaela Wagner 10/16/2018 at 4:52pm

KPCW Radio Interview


 Equine Specialist Alejandra Lara and Outreach Coordinator from Wasatch Mental Health Colleen Oisher discuss the teen drug and alcohol prevention research being conducted through the Equine Assisted Learning program at the National Ability Center in conjunction with Wasatch Mental Health. 

Healing with Horse Collective Telesummit


   Alejandra has presented at the 2016 Horse Healing Collective in Dallas, Kathy Pike Conference & Retreat, No Barriers Summit, PATH Regional Conferences, Adapt to Achieve Conferences, and at the University of Utah College of Social Work and conduct international trainings preparing team in the equine learning field.

Equine Assisted class targeted at preventing drug and alcohol use in Teenage kids.


  Alejandra Lara with the collaboration of Wasatch Mental Health Outreach Coordinator Colleen Oshier and The National Ability Center offers a class targeted at preventing drug and alcohol use in Teenage kids. It’s a chance for 13 to 17 year olds to interact with horses while learning .

Energy Is Love Podcast



Episode 117 with Alejandra Lara, founder of Park City Horse Experience. Such a wonderful opportunity and experience meeting and interviewing Alejandra.

Download and Listen to the episode-




Park City Horse in Chile


Park City Horse Experience and Alejandra Lara presented at a symposium in Temuco, Chile and prepared a team of facilitators on Mindful Horsemanship.

KSL New Channel


 Alejandra of Park City Horse Experience in a morning meditation with the horses. The link takes you to the main news channel, clink on the "News at 6am". You can see us here at minute mark 26:26 and 49:11. 



Passion and Skills


"I met Alejandra while on a search to become more mindful as a way to improve my health and deal with professional demands. I contacted her simply hoping to fulfill a lifelong dream of being near horses. What I got is not only to spend time with a beautiful, intelligent horse with an unbelievable personality but to do it with Alejandra. She happens to be an amazing professional, with a limitless knowledge about horse behavior and its reflection of human experience and state. And not only is one of the kindest individuals I have ever had a pleasure of meeting but also extremely well-versed in the different approaches to developing mindfulness and scientific evidence of its impact on our health and life quality. She’s an exceptional facilitator and fully dedicated and sensitive to her client’s needs and learning trajectory. I am deeply grateful to Alejandra for this deeply transformative experience and cannot recommend her strongly enough." Jeja M.

"I have worked closely with Ale for over 4 years assisting her facilitate Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) experiences at the National Ability Center. EAL provides participants with an unmounted horse experience in an arena setting similar to her Horse Meditation Circles. Through my volunteer work with Ale and the EAL program, I have had the opportunity and privilege to work with veterans who are suffering from post-traumatic stress, depression and addiction. Many of the veterans who participate in the EAL program are hollow shells of their former selves. Under Ale’s leadership and guidance, I have seen firsthand how transformative this program can be for many of them. Interacting with the horses, these veterans experience trust, acceptance, and forgiveness, learn to recognize and appreciate boundaries for themselves and others, and engage in activities designed to increase life skills, all of which aid in their healing process. Ale’s knowledge of horses and her ability to connect with them are undeniable. The successes I have observed in EAL are a direct result of her skills and passion for horses and helping others".  

Nancy D.

 "Thank you for your devotion to a passion you believe in.  Thank you for challenging me with gentle kindness and depth of heart to develop and to simply try.  Thank you for letting me be.  Thank for allowing a place for my heart to begin to receive the warmth of its inner speech to be heard.  Thank you for teaching me about horses.  Your enthusiasm is an encouragement and a good example of aspiration."

Mary H.

Testimonials & Shifts

"I am very grateful for you and the tremendous gift of the work you doing in the world. The impact of the evening was profound and lives on. I'm noticing and re-noticing....and also feeling a shift internally."  Maggy G.    

"Under Ale’s leadership and guidance, I have seen firsthand how transformative this program can be for many of them. Interacting with the horses, these veterans experience trust, acceptance, and forgiveness, learn to recognize and appreciate boundaries for themselves and others, and engage in activities designed to increase life skills, all of which aid in their healing process. Ale’s knowledge of horses and her ability to connect with them are undeniable. The successes I have observed in EAL are a direct result of her skills and passion for horses and helping others." Nancy D.


My experience was indescribably powerful in its simplicity. I have struggled to find the right words to share my experience with friends, other than feeling that everyone must experience this for themselves. I was both humbled by the horses support, and totally in awe of Alejandra’s ability to create and maintain a grounded and safe space to explore, connect and just be. You receive immediate feedback from the horse about where you are and what you are feeling, and all the while being gently guided by Alejandra. My ability to process was exponentially faster. Incredible!!!" Peggy A.

 "Ale brings her special skill set to all her horse experiences. This summer I had the opportunity to participate in one of her Horse Medication Circles. Being a participant was a wonderfully unique experience for me. Ale’s presence and calm voice made it easy to quickly leave the world behind for a while and slip into a contemplative state with the horses. It was an experience I will long remember and hope to repeat soon."   N.D.

Let me help you find the best Horse Experience for you

 We partner with horses for the exploration of self- awareness, connection to self & nature, and to gain new perspectives on life.

Afraid of Horses?

No problem!

The facilitators have years of experience in gently and safely guiding participants at their personal level of comfort.

What to Bring?

We highly recommend comfortable footwear like tennis shoes or low heel boots, as you WILL be interacting with horses in the pasture or arena.

Wear layers, hat and sunscreen for your comfort and safety.


High Star Ranch is located in a beautiful rural setting that provides a peaceful environment, promoting openness to the experience, and our gentle horses will open your heart to new exciting ways of experiencing life.

More Horse Experience Programs

The Horse Experience


 If you quit living with fear and started living with expansion, what would you do? 


Our unique The Horse Experience takes you on a revealing journey inside yourself deepening your presence through body-centered practices.

Family Adventures with Horses


 If you want your family to have an unforgettable experience, come to our exclusive Family Adventures


Through carefully design experiences, families will acquire opportunities to explore different ways of communication including non-verbal language, learn about the nature of horses and how to become part of the horse family. Every experience includes an opportunity for children to discuss skills they've learned and how to transfer these skills to other areas of their family lives. 

Corporate Team Building


 Our Corporate Team Horse Experience workshops provide experiential team building activities to stimulate insights that generate change through innovative, powerful, highly challenging and memorable interactions with horses.  

Please contact us to learn more on how we can serve your organization by providing unique team building experiences.

Mindful Horsemanship


 If you are considering getting a new horse or are reconnecting with horses after time away, Mindful Horsemanship is a co-creative process that uses exploration and mindful presence to develop a heart-connected relationship with your horse. 

Please contact us to learn more about this unique 6 weeks program.

Horse Meditation Circle


 Tap into your inner stillness during our Horse Meditation Circle to open to your wisdom and intuition. We will explore embodied presence surrounded by a herd of horses which presence can transport us to the place of pure potentiality within.  Horses, by their very nature, touch our spirits with their beauty, freedom, courage, power and heart. 

Yoga & Horses


 Being in nature allows us to gain new perspectives and recharge our mind, body and spirit. The experience of being with horses and practicing yoga in nature helps us move beyond our existing reality into a larger level of awareness. Participants will walk away feeling refreshed, grounded and enlightened.   

Please contact us to book your own Yoga & Horses Experience.

Military Programs


Equine Assisted Psychotherapy - Equine Specialist

 The mission of Warrior Camp® is to create an environment in which the trauma of war can be addressed. Warrior Camp® is a week-long retreat located in serene and secluded locations that foster the development of a close-knit community within which healing can occur. They include a healthy balance of trauma therapy, relaxation and leisure activities. 

 Warrior Camp® runs for 7 days. All participants are screened by a clinician prior to camp to assess readiness for both group activities and individual treatment. Full participation in group activities is encouraged as it fosters connection, community and support. Group activities consist of community meetings, team building activities (there are lots of these to choose from), equine assisted psychotherapy, yoga, and hikes or other sports.

 Participation in individual treatment, while strongly recommended, is always on a voluntary basis. Treatments offered are EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Yoga, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), and Narrative Writing Workshops. While it is our experience that warriors tend to try out all activities that are offered, involvement in group and/or individual treatment and activities is always a choice. 


 The clinical team consists of several EMDR clinicians, an equine psychotherapy team made up of two people (plus horses), a yoga instructor, and a narrative writing instructor. On either end of the program (day one and the last day) there is attention to introductions and then to saying goodbye. Warriors are given referrals for continued treatment by clinicians in their home cities, if needed. 

 TRR's Warrior Camp® is a FREE program for active military and veterans of all eras.  

Equine Assisted Learning Program - Founder & Facilitator


Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning

  Though PATH Intl. began with a focus on horseback riding as a form of physical and mental therapy, the organization and its dedicated members have since developed a multitude of different equine-related activities for therapeutic purposes, collectively known as equine-assisted activities and therapies (or EAAT). Besides horseback riding, EAAT also includes therapeutic carriage driving; interactive vaulting, which is similar to gymnastics on horseback; equine-assisted learning,  and PATH Intl. Equine Services for Heroes®, which uses a variety of EAAT disciplines specifically to help war veterans and military personnel. In addition, many PATH Intl. volunteer-driven committees are working on identifying and refining even more disciplines and activities that might be put to use in the world of EAAT. 

 PATH Intl. Certified Instructors use these equine-assisted activities  to help tens of thousands of individuals each year with physical, mental and behavioral challenges gain strength and independence through the power of the horse. EAAT helps people from all backgrounds and all walks of life in a variety of ways, including increasing strength and flexibility, improving motor skills, promoting speech and cognitive reasoning, and building relationships and social skills. The individuals served by PATH Intl. members may face any number of challenges, including paralysis, multiple sclerosis, autism, Down syndrome, substance abuse, traumatic brain injury or amputation – but all benefit from the power of the horse. 

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) Program at the NAC

 The National Ability Center empowers individuals of all abilities by building self-esteem, confidence and lifetime skills through sport, recreation and educational programs.


 Equine-assisted learning (EAL) is an educational approach that incorporates equine-assisted activities and equine/human interaction in an environment of learning and self-discovery. 

Horses are non-judgmental beings that facilitate learning in a positive and immediate manner. Our experienced, trained staff have the training necessary to help participants gain understanding of the equine experience and how to apply that experience to their everyday life. 

Our staff facilitator credentials include training in equine-assisted learning and coaching (EALC) and certification in the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EGALA).EAL offers a wide variety of opportunities within the program including team building, group retreats, self development and youth programs. All of our sessions take place on the ground with no riding involved, and with staff trained in safety and horse behavior present at all times. 

No prior horse experience is needed to participate in any of our EAL programs or retreats. 

Therapeutic Riding Instructor

 Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.)