Horse Meditation Circles

What Insights May Be Possible If You Slow Down Enough to Hear Your Own Guidance?


Tap into your inner stillness during our Horse Meditation Circles, to open yourself

up to your wisdom and intuition. We will explore embodied presence surrounded by a

herd of horses, whose presence can transport us to the place of pure potentiality within.

Horses, by their very nature, touch our spirits with their beauty, freedom, courage, power and heart.

Join a heart-minded circle and experience how spending time with horses in contemplation is serene and peaceful, inviting us to enter into quiet, healing joy.


Pause for a moment, and take time from your busy life to be guided through deep breaths, slowing down enough to notice the gentle rhythm of the horses’ breath and gentle heart.

Allow yourself to be infused with a powerful sense of well-being, releasing healing endorphins and feel good hormones which improve the nervous system, hormonal balance, and immune-system response.

This group practice provides participants with a structure that promotes self-exploration in an empathetic and supportive atmosphere; an adventure that will spark your aliveness and lead you to the joy of your deepest purpose.


Horses hearts are five times the size of ours, and research shows that they emit an electromagnetic field that can influence our heart, causing a more coherent heartbeat.

When you are in a coherent state, your thoughts and emotions are balanced, and you experience ease and inner harmony. So as we share space with horses in our meditations, we are only beginning to understand the healing that may be taking place.

Friday, May 17th - 6 - 7pm

About the Experience


This group practice provides participants with a structure that promotes self-exploration in an empathetic and supportive atmosphere; an adventure that will spark your aliveness and lead you to the joy of your deepest purpose.

Being in nature is one of the most blessed resources we have. 

There is sacredness within meditation circles to sit in nature and reflect, to listen, to be in community, grounded, at one with all of life in the presence of a highly intuitive herd of horses. 

This experience is deeply restorative and helps us recharge our senses, wisdom and inner guidance.

Why a Circle?

The space circles create is sacred. It is a space in which participants intentionally lift barriers between each other and thus open fresh possibilities for connection, collaboration, and mutual understanding. 

The energy derived from being comforted by the strength and sweet presence of horses and a supportive community surrounding us, promotes a very deep level of soul-healing.

Afraid of Horses?

No problem; this is not so much about horses as it is about your personal journey. No prior horse experience is necessary and no horse riding is involved. The facilitators have years of experience in gently and safely guiding participants at their personal level of comfort.

We highly recommend comfortable closed toe footwear like tennis shoes or low heel boots, as you WILL be interacting with horses in the pasture or arena. Wear layers, hat and sunscreen for your comfort and safety.

Meditation with Horses

Breathtakingly Scenic Mountain Landscapes

  What insights are possible if you slow down enough to hear your own guidance?     

Heart-Based Experiences in Community

  Is an opportunity to stimulate heart-based experiences in community, by moving to greater levels of awareness and connection to self, others and nature.   

Are you ready to explore a greater openness and connection to yourself and life?

 Horses guide the experience by reading energy and body language and responding to what they see and sense, offering an honest and authentic mirror to our intentions and behaviors.  


Check out this great video of our Horse Meditation Circles

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Are You Ready To Experience The Healing Energy Of Horses In A Likeminded Meditation Circle?

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Are you ready to experience the healing energy of horses?

  No previous horse experience is needed to participate in our Horse Meditation Circles. We adhere to safety guidelines which are reviewed with participants prior to each session. In addition, we familiarize participants with the horse’s nature, and instruct them how to stay safe while connecting with the horses. 

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